Alternative energy and electric power generation

At present, when talking about alternative energy We always think about installing solar cells. Solar cells are energy produced from sunlight, but alternative energy is not just solar energy. 

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There are many energies Which we will bring to use in terms of alternative energy and electricity generation. What are there?

what is energy We can give the meaning of the word There are many types of energy as follows:

Energy is a Thai word that is formed by combining 2 words, namely “power” and “work”. make cars or the power plant works

Energy means something that has the ability to do work. Anything that can work has energy. Whether it exists or does not exist, such as the energy of the water in a dam. is the energy of tangible things. The light energy or thermal energy is an intangible energy, etc. There are many forms of energy. And able to change from one form to another, such as potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, light energy, nuclear energy, sound energy, wind energy, etc. Energy will not be lost anywhere. But one energy can be transformed into another energy, for example, electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy in a fan, motor, or chemical energy in a battery converts rubbing into electrical energy, etc., or chemical energy in the food we eat is transformed. is our potential energy and kinetic energy, etc.

Energy is regarded as the primary necessity of human life. Human beings have used energy to live since ancient times. Start by using fire generated by the friction of wood or stone to create warmth. Lighting and cooking After that, humans have used more energy from nature, for example, humans brought energy from the wind to use in making turbines to bale the fields. Or make windmills to lift heavy loads and grind grain. When humans did not know how to use that fire Humans used energy from food only about 2,000 kilocalories per day. Currently, humans use about 240,000 kilocalories of energy per person per day. While the amount of resources available in the world is constantly decreasing.

Energy is a basic necessity for everyone. It is important to the economy and the lives of people around the world. It is a factor that allows the world to develop and move forward. Energy is a universal commodity. Because all nations that have the same power are traded all over the world, the energy we currently use May be divided into two major types of energy consumption. and renewable energy

Every living thing needs energy, for example, human beings convert chemical energy in nutrients into mechanical energy to move things in the body. Compared to other living beings, humans have to use craft power all the time. Electricity is an important energy at this time. Without electricity, many people were almost unable to live because there was no light, no cool breeze from the air conditioner or fan, the computer wouldn’t work. or have to walk up the building because the elevator is not working. As for oil, it is the fuel that makes the car run, making it easy for us to travel, making the machines work to produce things for us to use. Our lives cannot survive. if there is no power And human demand for energy seems to be increasing most of the time. And because of this, we all need to know and understand more about energy.

Energy is classified according to its source, divided into 3 types:

1) Primary energy Source energy refers to energy sources that occur or exist naturally that can be used directly, such as water, solar, wind, natural fuels such as crude oil, coal, natural gas, geothermal energy. Nuclear ore, firewood, rice husk, bagasse, etc.

2) Secondary energy or transformed energy means the energy source obtained from the original energy to be processed, refined or improved. To be in a form that can be utilized as needed, such as electrical energy resulting from transformation from other types of energy Charcoal made from processing firewood. Various oils produced by crude oil refining, various gasses produced by gas separation, etc.

3) Final energy means energy in the form that the consumer is ready to use with equipment or machinery. or engines, such as electric power, energy contained in various refined oils and petroleum gas

Therefore, if we understand and classify energy, then we will be able to understand the principles. How to make the right use of each type of energy


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