Are Mineral Sunscreen Spray Products As Good As Lotions?

There have been many new innovation in the sunscreen industry over the years and it’s given rise to a range of new products – such as mineral sunscreen spray. Available in non-greasy and sensitive skin varieties, these products have become popular across Australia and the wider world due to the convenience and ease-of-use they offer. The real question though, is, are they any good?

Equally popular are minera sunscreen lotions that have been popular for many years, so in this article, we look at both in isolation while also providing a comparison. This is important stuff from a skin health point of view, so be sure to read to the end! 

Pros & Cons of Mineral Sunscreen Spray

There are great products and poor products in this world, but rarely will you find a perfect product. Mineral sunscreen spray is no different, so let’s take a look at its pros & cons. 

The Pros include:

  • They’re really convenient and available in bottle that easily fits in your bag
  • Sprays are great for filling in gaps around the face and neck
  • They don’t tend to leave any white cast behind 

The Cons include: 

  • If you spray it in the wind, you’ll get more in your eyes than on your skin!
  • They don’t offer quite the same coverage as a lotion
  • Difficult to effectively protect your whole body 

Mineral Sunscreen Lotions – The Pros & Cons 

Used for decades, mineral sunscreen lotions are recognizable by the fact they need to be applied much more sparingly than chemical brands. Here’s some of the pros and cons associated with lotion-based options. 

The pros include:

  • They’re great for covering large areas of the body
  • They don’t need to be absorbed and work immediately

The co22ns include:

  • Not so great for use around the scalp and face
  • Can be more expensive than spray sunscreens
  • Not easy to apply in those hard-to-reach areas

Mineral sunscreen lotion is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from sun burn and UV damage, meaning that if you wear it, you’ll stay looking younger for longer. Also, you’ll be at a much lower risk of developing skin cancer. 

So, What’s Better? Using Mineral Sunscreen Spray Or Lotion

In all honesty, they’re hard to separate from one another. They both have pros and they both have cons and it would seem that they complement each other rather well. While mineral lotions are great for large parts of your body, they’re not easy to use in certain areas.

However, that’s where your spray comes in, as any area you can’t get to with your lotion, you can cover with your spray. So, the most sensible option is to have both in your bag – not one or the other. 

It’s perfectly safe to use both in conjunction with each other, so long as both are of the same high quality. The only thing we wouldn’t do is use a chemical spray in conjunction with a mineral lotion, as that would just be too confusing! 

Do yourself a favor and have both available. It’s not going to cost you a lot, but you will get the pace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe in every way possible. 


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