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With a simple, easy and highly applicable way of playing, bets on Over and under will give players the most perfect football betting experience. So what is the definition, principle and reputable investment location of this bet? All will be right in the article below of 123B, let’s discover it now!

What is the definition and rule of betting on over and under?

Over and under bets appear so that players can easily apply and enter the rafters with a higher winning rate than other forms. Players when using the bet on fainting will only need to pay attention to the total number of goals without focusing on who wins and loses, which team is strong and which team is weak. Over and under betting in football is inspired by the main principle from traditional Sicbo, so the rules are similar, specifically:

  • Bets on Over Under in a match with a total goal value are given as a benchmark. This number has been selected by the bookie through comments from industry experts.
  • The member’s task is to make a guess and decide on a bet on either Over or Under.
  • Predicting that the total number of goals scored in the half/match is greater than the milestone value, then enter the Over.
  • If the total number of goals scored in the half/match is less than the milestone value, enter the Under bet.
  • Predicting that the total number of goals scored in the half/match is equal to the milestone value, then the door is drawn but this is very rare and not all bets provide it.

Principle and working mechanism of the Over and Under contract

Over and under bets: How to read and calculate winnings and losses

After understanding the principles of the Over and Under bet, players need to equip themselves with how to read and calculate the winnings and losses in this bet, specifically as follows:

  • The result of the total goal at the end of the game is greater than the milestone value, the player who bets on the Over will win all the money.
  • If the total goal at the end of the game is less than the milestone value, the player who bets on the Under door wins the whole money.
  • The house does not give a Draw but the total goal result is equal to the milestone value that appears, you will be refunded regardless of the bet on any door.
  • The total goal result is correct when it is equal to the milestone value, the player who places in the Draw door wins the whole money.

How to read the Over and Under bet in basic betting

123B – a reputable place to invest in betting on Big and faint bets for you

To safely participate in betting and lose money unjustly, the first thing you have to do is choose for yourself a reputable and professional bookmaker. If you are still wondering, confused among too many bookies, you can try to refer to the football betting site 123B ranked No. 1 in the hearts of Asian bettors. Here are some outstanding advantages only at 123B:

Diversity of odds Over and under bets

Currently, 123B has been providing members with a wide range of bets with different odds and handicaps. You are free to choose the bets that you think are most beneficial for you. Each quality bet will have a different table of betting rules. Therefore, when participating, members need to carefully understand these regulations to avoid violations and strictly follow them.

The #1 promotion at 123B

This is one of the main reasons why betting at 123B football betting site attracts a lot of bettors. Compared to the traditional form of betting, online betting has many attractive promotions.

In addition to the great promotions for new players to bet at the site for the first time, longtime bettors also receive attractive offers on every holiday, Tet,… You will be given the opportunity to have an extra capital to play the game and invest in the Big Sic.

Just make a deposit to your playing account, you will get 100% of the bonus value. In addition, there are various promotions for players. And of course the winnings can be fully withdrawn.

123B – reliable bet for players

No effort to move, free to bet

Direct betting through 123B attracts many bettors because it both satisfies the needs of players and increases a source of backhand income. At the same time, you will not be pressured, or afraid of losing money because of debt evasion from reputable bookmakers like traditional betting.

Online betting is becoming more and more convenient by the day. Not only using the website, now you can directly download the 123B bookie application to your device to experience the betting service of Big and faint. Just an electronic device connected to the Internet is that players can participate in betting on any tournament because most 123B will give the odds early for your reference.


Over and under is always a bright choice for members when participating in ball betting because of the great advantages it brings such as: Easy to play, easy to use and easy to win. Don’t forget that at we specialize in providing a wide range of sports betting services to ensure you meet all international standards!


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