Helpful Tips In Using Calming Scents to Relax

After a hectic day, everyone has their own tried-and-true strategies for winding down. Some people find relief from stress with a few minutes of yoga or a brisk stroll before bed; for others, it’s a combination of meditation and reflective writing in a diary. Many people find that going through their skin care regimen before bed helps them relax and get ready for sleep. Adding a relaxing smell to your preferred method of winding down will help ease your senses and enhance the experience.

Although a bit more work is required if you want to fully use smell in your relaxing routine, even something as simple as burning a delicately fragrant candle can help. We’re talking about aromatherapy, so read on to learn how you can use essential oils in the most peaceful way to incorporate them into your daily life.

Diffuse the aroma throughout the room.

There is a wide variety of options for releasing aromatherapy essential oils into the atmosphere. These diffuser machines atomize the scent prototypes and release them into the air using heat or sonic vibrations. We prefer ultrasonic diffusers over other types since the sonic waves don’t destroy the smell as heat may. Diffusers that operate on electricity provide a powerful scent, but they must be connected into an electrical outlet and turned off when not in use. Reed diffusers work around the clock because the reeds soak up the oil and slowly release it into the air. They don’t need to be near an electrical outlet, so you may put them wherever, but the fragrance isn’t as strong as it is with electric diffusers.

Put some on your body and feel relief.

Use a few more pumps of scented lotion or massage oil to enhance the experience and get the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Before applying the perfume everywhere throughout your body, do a skin test with just a little bit. Put a little amount on the inner surface of your forearm or shoulder, cover it with a bandage, and wait 24 hours to see what occurs. If you don’t notice any bad reactions, you may use whatever amount you desire.

Distribute it liberally with a spray.

Using a room spray is another easy method of incorporating aromatherapy into your house. Air fresheners work by diluting aroma oils with a carrier oil or water before spraying the resulting droplets into the room. Room sprays don’t generate any heat, so the resulting aroma isn’t as strong as it would be with some of the other options available. However, room sprays are very cheap and rapidly diffuse their scent, making them a practical option for temporarily improving a space’s odor. Room sprays are safe for homes with children and pets since they do not pose a fire hazard or risk of being knocked over by curious hands.

Raise a light to the occasion.

Candles not only provide pleasant aromas, but also produce ambient illumination that cannot be replicated by electrical means. Quickly unwind by turning down the lights, lighting some candles with essential oils, and taking in the ambiance you’ve created. To keep your candles burning for as long as possible, keep them out of the reach of dogs, youngsters, and drafts. Overheating the wax will cause the candle to fail, therefore it’s best to limit their use to no more than four hours at a time. Never leave anything burning in the open without taking the necessary safety measures, since this might result in serious injury or death.

Spread some on your pillow.

Adding a few drops of an aromatherapy oil on your pillow before getting into bed will help you relax and fall asleep more quickly. Use a pillow cover or another barrier to keep the oils off of your pillow, and sleep on a pillow case you don’t mind being soiled. Lavender essential oils are a popular choice for this, but any of the other options above are valid as well. If you want to reap the advantages of aromatherapy while you sleep but don’t want to keep a diffuser plugged in, this is a great option.

Pack a compress

Some people find that using a compress composed of a damp towel or handkerchief scented with their chosen essential oil helps ease stress and headache pain. If you want the aroma to really stick, put it in a heated pack, but it will work with any temperature. Reusable hot/cold packs may also be made from dried rice if it is placed in an old stocking or other fabric bag. Add scented fragrances or dried herbs to the rice to infuse it with a nice aroma before each use. In-store steamy packs and wraps may be purchased pre-scented with calming aromas like lavender or chamomile.

Scents that help you relax are welcome after a long day. Be on the lookout for the specific oils and fragrances you want while shopping for aromatherapy supplies like fragrances and reed diffusers.


How can I incorporate calming scents into my daily relaxation routine?

There are several ways to incorporate calming scents into your daily relaxation routine. You can diffuse aromatherapy essential oils using an ultrasonic diffuser or a reed diffuser. Another option is to apply scented lotion or massage oil to your body for a therapeutic effect. Using a room spray or lighting scented candles can also create a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, you can add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to your pillow or use a scented compress, such as a damp towel or handkerchief.

What is the difference between ultrasonic diffusers and other types of diffusers?

Ultrasonic diffusers are preferred for aromatherapy because they use sonic waves instead of heat to release the scent. This ensures that the smell is not destroyed, unlike diffusers that operate with heat. 

Ultrasonic diffusers require an electrical outlet but provide a powerful scent. On the other hand, reed diffusers do not need to be near an electrical outlet and continuously release the fragrance by soaking up the oil. However, the scent from reed diffusers is generally not as strong as that from electric diffusers.

How should I use scented lotion or massage oil for aromatherapy?

To enhance your relaxation experience and receive the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, apply a few pumps of scented lotion or massage oil to your body. Before applying it all over, perform a skin test by applying a small amount to the inner surface of your forearm or shoulder. Cover it with a bandage and wait for 24 hours to check for any adverse reactions. If there are no negative responses, you can use the desired amount of scented lotion or massage oil.

What are the advantages of using room sprays for aromatherapy?

Room sprays are an easy way to incorporate aromatherapy into your living space. They work by diluting aroma oils with a carrier oil or water and spraying the resulting droplets into the room. Room sprays do not generate heat, making the scent less strong compared to other options. 

However, they are affordable and quickly diffuse their fragrance, making them practical for temporarily improving the odor of a space. Room sprays are also safe for homes with children and pets, as they do not pose fire hazards or risks of being knocked over.

How can I use aromatherapy oils on my pillow to aid relaxation and sleep?

To promote relaxation and aid in falling asleep, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to your pillow before bedtime. To prevent direct contact with the pillow, use a pillow cover or another barrier. It’s recommended to use a pillowcase that you don’t mind getting soiled. Lavender essential oil is a popular choice for this purpose, but you can use any of the other mentioned options as well. This method allows you to benefit from aromatherapy while you sleep without the need for a plugged-in diffuser.


Incorporating calming scents into your relaxation routine can enhance your overall experience and help you unwind after a hectic day. There are various methods you can use, such as diffusing aromatherapy oils with an ultrasonic or reed diffuser, applying scented lotion or massage oil to your body, using room sprays to freshen up the air, lighting scented candles for a soothing ambiance, adding aromatherapy oils to your pillow, or using scented compresses. 

Each method has its own advantages and considerations, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. When shopping for aromatherapy supplies, keep an eye out for specific oils and fragrances that align with your relaxation goals. Enjoy the benefits of calming scents and create a tranquil environment to promote relaxation and well-being.


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