Taste The Difference: A Guide To The Finest Pure Veg Restaurants In Pune

Food lovers will find heaven in Pune, a city renowned for its colorful culture and extensive history. Pune has a wealth of alternatives that excite the taste buds and celebrate the essence of true vegetarian food for people who desire a vegetarian culinary experience. We’ll look at the top pure veg restaurants in Pune in this list, where each dish is a masterful blend of tastes prepared with love and care.

Top 8 Pure Veg Restaurants in Pune

Check out the list of the best 8 pure veg restaurants in Pune that one mustn’t forget to try:- 

Little Italy: 

Little Italy is a well-known pure vegetarian restaurant in Pune with a devoted clientele because of its delicious Italian fare. Little Italy provides an unforgettable dining experience with its attractive atmosphere, flawless service, and a menu that highlights Italian flavors. Little Italy really shines when it comes to food offerings. Specializing in vegetarian Italian fare, it provides a wide variety of meals that highlight Italian flavors. They’re well-known for their hearty Italian-Mexican cuisine, which includes cannelloni alla Florentina, fungus alla trapanese, pizza Napoli, saladata dei monte iblei, and Asparagi Freschi. Desserts include pastries like tiramisu, semifredo al mango, Ferrero Rocher mousse, and blueberry cheesecake, or a special selection of Italian gelatos.

Sukanta Thali: 

Sukanta Thali provides a distinctive dining experience by presenting a rich and comprehensive thali meal that highlights Indian cuisine’s flavors and specialties. This pure vegetarian restaurant in Pune takes pleasure in providing a wide selection of meals from many Indian areas, enabling diners to experience a varied and authentic trip in a single sitting. You may choose from a variety of thalis here, whether they are South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, or Maharashtrian. With more than 22 dishes in a single thali, this restaurant serves infinite food. It provides an endless thali that is stuffed with different sabji, munchies, and chaat. The paneer recipes have a lot of flavor.

Dario’s Restaurant: 

Experience Italy on a plate by dining at this vegetarian restaurant in Pune, run by Dario Dezio, a Sicilian chef. In the heart of Pune, Dario’s Restaurant Café Bar is a cozy Italian eatery perfect for a romantic evening or just to savor some freshly cooked Italian cuisine. The decor is delightful, with an Art Deco-style bar, antiques, and old teak furniture within and a stunning courtyard and garden outside. The menu has a variety of mouthwatering items, like gnocchi, pane aglio burro formaggio, vesuvio sandwiches, nachos piccanti, and etnea pizza.

Shabree Restaurant: 

Considered to be one of the most iconic Pure Veg restaurants in Pune, Shabree Restaurant, a well-liked option for people looking for affordable and genuine Maharashtrian thalis, is situated in Shivaji Nagar. There are two hot bhakris and a generous portion of pithla on each plate. Savor the flavors of Puran Poli, Kothimbir Vadi, Jowar, and Bajra Chapatis, as well as Shrikhand, Misal Pav, and the delicious Sabudana Khichdi, at this adored restaurant. Everything goes so well that you get comfortable and overindulge in food.


Shakahari at the JW Marriott is a highly recommended vegetarian fine-dining restaurant, and it’s one of the rare offerings in the city. Their modern atmosphere makes for a sophisticated date night. A la carte thali featuring North Indian and Rajasthani cuisine is the menu’s main attraction, so get ready to eat with your hands. You can’t go wrong when you add a drink to the mixture. Shakahari is definitely a fixture on our list of the finest vegetarian restaurants in Pune because of its broad menu as well as its peculiar food presentation. Whether it’s Marwari, Jain, Awadhi, or Bengali

Aaoji Khaoji: 

Aaoji Khaoji, a pure vegetarian restaurant in Pune, is a fantastic option whether you’re a fan of Rajasthani and Punjabi food or want to experience the rich flavors of these regions. The restaurant provides a pleasant trip through the colorful culinary traditions of Rajasthan and Punjab with its authentic food, cultural ambiance, and personal service. They offer enormous thalis that are difficult to consume in one sitting. Known for giving its thalis unique titles, the most well-liked and currently trendy one is undoubtedly their “Baahubali Thali.”

Greens & Olives: 

Few restaurants can provide delicious European and North Indian food elegantly, but Greens & Olives does it with great success. Due to its popularity, bookings are advised. This restaurant is among the greatest pure vegetarian restaurants in Pune. Its modest yet cozy furnishings add to its appeal. The traditional Italian minestrone soup, feta cheese, melon salad, cannelloni filled with spinach ricotta, macaroni baked, and eggplant parmesan are some of the standout dishes on the menu. Additionally, customers can select the pasta, toppings, and sauces they want. A variety of pizzas, sizzlers, and Mexican foods, including enchiladas, burritos, and quesadillas, are also available.

Sante Spa Restaurant: 

The best-known vegetarian restaurant in Pune is Sante Spa. It needs no introduction. It is most renowned for its nutritious cuisine, which includes vegan meals, multigrain bread, and ragi-based pizza, and it has years of reputation and loyalty behind its brand. When you are eating in this area, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a peacock dance right next to you. Enjoy some of their more unique offerings, such as their “black” hummus, “black wasabi” ice cream, fresh farm pizza, and bajra riso. Thus, if you’re searching for a boho, serene experience, go to Sante.


These top pure vegetarian restaurants in Pune are the best places to have a vegetarian culinary journey because of their colorful culinary textures. Every location guarantees a unique experience, offering everything from Mexican and Italian cuisine to the classic flavors of Indian thalis. With its user-friendly platform, Swiggy conveniently makes it easy to discover these culinary jewels and guarantees that delicious food from the top pure vegetarian restaurants in Pune is only a click away. Enjoy this tasty adventure, and let Swiggy deliver the spirit of these delicious dishes straight to your doorstep!

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